About The Cemetery Committee

The Mosier Pioneer Cemetery Committee was created by the City of Mosier City Council to advise the council on issues regarding the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery. The City Council is responsible for all final actions.

Moved by the request of a Mosier family, the 2004 Mosier City Council recognized that the history of our town did not end in 1901 and that we who call Mosier home are still creating the rich history of our community. It was further recognized that there are new generations who might wish to be buried with their families…and that to bring life to our beautiful cemetery, we must allow it to live again.

In December of 2004 the Mosier City Council voted to open the cemetery once again to those who wish to call Mosier “home” in life and in death.

The Pioneer Cemetery Committee, sanctioned by the City Council, is working to bring this vision to reality. We are working with the State to become certified as an operating cemetery and we are diligently researching all aspects of the cemetery’s history. We are indebted to the work that has been done before by Willis Gholston, Anita Drake, Jim Deaton, and Elizabeth Daniels. Sally Donovan, a local Historic Preservationist, has donated many hours of consultation work.

Our meetings are posted on this site and are open to the public. We welcome everyone who loves this cemetery to participate.

Contact: The City of Mosier 541-478-3505

From I-84, Exit 69; continue on Hwy 30 through town and across Mosier Creek bridge;
R on Kingdom St; R on East 2nd St; park on street and walk west through the parking lot of Mosier Creek Terrace until you reach the defined trail heading South up the hill; cemetery is approximately 100 feet up the trail