Mosier Community School Work Day, May 2009

The Mosier Community School spent an afternoon in May, 2009, at the cemetery as a part of the State of Oregon’s SOLV program.  The 4th, 5th, and 6th grades were represented with 60 children and three teachers attending (Kim Leslie and Yvonne Huskey).

Jan Leininger, our Mosier Historian, and Mike Igo, our Native Plant Specialist, were on site to share their knowledge of the cemetery and its environment.  Kathy Fitzpatrick, Mosier City Council helped to coordinate the SOLV program and the Mosier Community School.

The students identified symbols on the grave stones and learned some of the stories behind the symbols and the pioneer names.They also imagined the epitaphs and symbols they would like to have carved on their own gravestones.

There is a delicate balance between caring for both our heritage plants and the wonderful native plants that thrive in the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery.